Best for travel in Morocco

In Morocco, architecture crumbling with details and colors, places overflowing with life, shops piled up in the alleys, tempting smells, spices tickling your taste buds, friendly people at every door. Because there’s nothing better than tapping into local resources and knowledge to get to know a country better, we asked our local expert to tell us about the must-see sites in Morocco. While some like Marrakech or the Atlas Mountains are a must, others like Chefchaouen or the Aït Bouguemez Valley allow a true immersion in Moroccan nature and culture. Travel a little further. Huge dunes, breathtaking mountains, a sea as far as the eye can see, ochre lands, houses in the rocks, herds of goats in the villages. TANGER Gateway to the West or bridgehead to the East, Tangier is a thousand-year-old city that lives from day to day. To immerse yourself in its atmosphere, you have to wander through its squares and alleys and corridors. Its status as an international city, established in the 1920s, has allowed it all the eccentricities. Princes, artists, billionaires have flocked to the beautiful bay of Morocco… FÈS Fez is a bustling city: behind the ageless gates of its medina hide sublime palaces, … Continue reading Best for travel in Morocco