Best for travel in Japan

If you have been dreaming of traveling to Japan and want to start planning your vacation, this travel guide is packed with all the tips and information that you’ll need to know before your trip to the “land of the rising sun”. From foods to try in Japan, to how much money to budget, to what travel gear to pack, to the best things to do in Japan, we’re covering everything. And I mean everything! We’re even answering your embarrassing questions like, “What are the toilets like in Japan?” We are sharing exactly how much it costs to travel to Japan, and we’re throwing in some money-saving budget tips! This is the ultimate resources with everything you need to know before visiting Japan for the first time. Transportation in Japan is incredibly efficient and comfortable, but it ain’t cheap! To save the most money, purchase a 7-day JR Pass and you won’t regret it. If you plan to visit more than 1 region, the pass quickly pays for itself – just a roundtrip from Kyoto to Tokyo is enough to make up the steep price. (Plus, you get to ride the famous Japanese bullet trains which is a bucket list … Continue reading Best for travel in Japan