Best for travel in Fidji

Its very name already invites you to dream. A name of perfume, of a warm and generous tropical island, where fertile nature responds to an indulgent sea. Fiji is 333 islands covered with forest, mangroves, white sandy beaches, coral or volcanic islands in the Robinson style, on a background of turquoise waters. It is also, for the largest of them, Viti Levu in the lead, a tangled heart of mountains where wide rivers flow and isolated villages nestle, where tradition is preserved. One ventures there on foot as one goes back in time, before drinking, pinching one’s lips, a cup of kava carved from a coconut. The welcome of the Fijians is as incredible of kindness as the cannibalism of their ancestors was atrocious… On the coasts, the palm roofs of common houses give way to a kaleidoscope of sun-crushed villages with streets crowded with yellow dogs and sugar cane plantations, from which emerge, from afar, the multicolored lanterns of Hindu temples and mosques.If the heart of the islands is Melanesian, their periphery is largely Indian, populated by agricultural workers who came to work on the plantations during the English colonial era. Fiji? A sacred natural and cultural cocktail. THE … Continue reading Best for travel in Fidji