Best for travel in New Zealand

To many, New Zealand is the nation of the world’s best rugby team, the All Blacks, but it is actually much more than that! Considered the land of the Maori people, this Oceania country, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, has a population of nearly 4.9 million and attracts more and more nature lovers every year. New Zealand, or Aotearoa in māori, is divided into two main islands. The North Island, the most populated, is home to subtropical forests, green hills, volcanoes and the country’s capital, Wellington. While the wilder South Island is characterized by its endless mountain ranges and wide open spaces. AUCKLAND Auckland is by far the largest city in the country with almost 1.5 million inhabitants. It is located in the North of the North Island. It was, for a few years, the capital of New Zealand before leaving this title to Wellington, offering a more central position. Auckland is nicknamed the city of sails because of its large number of boats. Auckland is the city where the number of boats per capita is the highest in the world! The city is located on no less than 50 volcanoes, some of which are still active. … Continue reading Best for travel in New Zealand